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A show about two old friends staying connected through the power of video-games and discovering if nostalgia holds up to reality.

May 14, 2022

After 18 minutes of typical catchinig up nonsense, Jake and Rich get down to talk about the finale of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Tragedy and Triump, a very long optional dungeon, obtuse rare item aquisition mechanics, and a metric ton of butts getting kicked await on the latest tear jerking soul breaking episode...

Mar 17, 2022

After 22 minutes of talking about starting a new job and Batman stuff we get down to getting down and during into the PENULTIMATE CHAPTER of our Final Fantsy Tactics playthrough. Family Drama between brothers, a daughter feeling betrayed, creepy incel douchebags, and a whole lot more await on the grimiest down and dirty...

Feb 8, 2022

After what feels like constant wild ass life events the duders (and occasionally Rich's daughter Darcy) FINALLY get it together and put out ANOTHER EPISODE!  After a brief 10 minute catch up on random goings on they get down to talking about how badass THUNDER GOD CID really is, how incredibly badass Agrias can be, more...

Jan 27, 2022

On a bit of a whim, Rich returns to the world of Final Fantasy XIV to give it a second look and see for himself just how much it has improved since the guys checked it out last on the show!


This episode covers roughly the main story quests for A Realm Reborn levels 1-20!


If you have any thoughts, questions or just...

Dec 30, 2021

Rich and Jake celebrate 2021 coming to a close by popping some drinks, playing Diablo 2 and talking about their favorite games, movies, tv shows, and other things of the year!

As always, if you want to reach us feel free to email us at or at all the usual social media sites @damnchocobo

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