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A show about two old friends staying connected through the power of video-games and discovering if nostalgia holds up to reality.

Sep 5, 2020

Buckle up for near 4 hours of Chocobo goodness as the duders wrap up the epic that is Final Fantasy XII.

After 30 minutes of talk about music and cancer, Jake and Rich get on topic to talk about the game wrap-up for this legendary run. The most obnoxiously long dungeon in a game full of excessively long dungeons, a whole bunch of bosses (some super, most pretty forgettable), some EXTREME gear gathering coupled with some EXTREME dungeon spelunking, along with some EXTREME butt kicking, and some EXTREME power-leveling, along with some unexpected character turns, and a much anticipated conclusion await on the latest super powered mega jacked 'roided to the friggin' max shredded show we called DAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOOO.


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Intro: Revenge of the Lucavi (Esper Battle Rock Remix) by MasterLefty


Outro: When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000