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A show about two old friends staying connected through the power of video-games and discovering if nostalgia holds up to reality.


A couple of long time choco-bro’s reminisce about old JRPG’s from their youth while learning first hand if our nostalgia can withstand these games having a modern look. Do they hold up to modern standards? Are these games still as awesome as we all desperately want them to be or will our rose colored glasses shatter from the force of our fanboy tears - crushed under the weight of reality and poorly aging game design.
About the Hosts:
Rich is graphic artist from Houston, Texas. Originally from Iowa, he met Jake at the bus stop on his first day to Pre-school. They've been friends ever since. Even when Jake is being an immense bitch. He likes bunnies, Batman, red heads, robots that transform into cars, reading, and shiny things. When hes not fiddling with a He-Man action figure he's complaining about nobody leaves him alone and he never has time to do anything he wants. Still, he finds time to do this stupid podcast. Because it was his stupid idea.
He talks about his dick. Probably too much.
Jake is the immense bitch previously stated that is currently a Desktop Support Tech. Originally from Iowa he has traversed far and wide to find his perfect utopia. He's currently in Des Moines, IA. He's the only person that calls Rich "Dick" because of Rich's love for his dick and how Rich acts the majority of the time, but nonetheless he still remains friends with Rich. Jake likes dogs, Batman, the Scott Pilgrim franchise and Dexter. When not studying, he's making adjustments to Rich's retarded ideas, to make them actually work like this podcast.