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A show about two old friends staying connected through the power of video-games and discovering if nostalgia holds up to reality.

May 9, 2023

After totally forgetting we finished recording Rachel finally gets around and edits/uploads this episode!


After around 28 minutes we finally talk about Kingdom Hearts 3's DLC - ReMind! We talk about stuff, it's mostly good. I dunno, I'm too embarassed the episode is so stupid late!

As always you can contact us at

Mar 6, 2023

After a brief - for us - 14 minute catch up on other nonsense, Rachel and Jake get down to business and talk about the game finale to Kingdom Hearts 3... and unexpected show a shift in overall thoughts on the game!

Things FINALLY happen as our various missing companions finally join the fray, Organization XIII take...

Jan 21, 2023

Rachel and Jake sit down to bid goobye to 2022 the only way they know how. By sitting down with some drinks and playing old games while also swearing a lot. This year we sit down with the recent TMNT "Cowabunga Collection" and play the original Arcade Game, the arcade version of Turtles in Time, and then to a bit of...

Jan 5, 2023

RACHEL and Jake return after an absurd time away (seriously the last few months have been WILD!) to get through the last bit of the less good stuff in Kingdom Hearts 3, just in time to save all of the good stuff for the next episode! 

Sora accomplishing a whole lot of nothing, a doublecross, a doublecross again,...

Oct 23, 2022

Jake and Rich (or is it.... Rachel?!?!?!?) get back to business after a somewhat insane delay to continue our run through Kingdom Hearts 3!

Game talk starts around 25 minutes in where to discuss Sora talking toooons of trash, old threats seeming somewhat aimless, the main characters also being somewhat aimless, the...