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A show about two old friends staying connected through the power of video-games and discovering if nostalgia holds up to reality.

Feb 25, 2012

Rich and Jake deal with missing keys, douchebag scientists, ancient lost weapons and finally after all this time - learn the deep dark secrets of making chocobo's bang it out. All this and more on the latest exciting episode of DAMN CHOCOBO!!!

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Music for this episode - INTRO: Kweh! (Electric de Chocobo) by Fishy, Jillian Aversa, Sixto Sounds, Steffan Andrews, Suzumebach, bLiNd, tefnek(from the OC Remix FFVII album: Voices of the Life Stream. Grab the album FOR FREE at - Voices of the Lifestream)

OUTRO: Basketcase by Green Day